Brief Introduction to Yangjiang SHIBAZI Group Co. Ltd Yangjiang SHIBAZI Group was founded in 1983. It has developed from the traditionally handmade carbon kitchen knives to the up-to-date and mechanized scales. It has produced thousands of specifications of cutting instruments which can meet the market demands both at home and abroad, meanwhile, it is a large-scale business operation with its all-out management that provides a one-package service combining scientific steelmaking, manufacturing, selling and tour backup service. Its products enjoy a huge circulation not only at home, but also in more than 30 countries and regions, like Japan, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as Macao. The group has experienced four stages of development which occurred in jumps. In 1983, that was at the beginning of its foundation. It was affiliated to a small factory called "Chao Yang Craftwork Knives and Scissors Factory" which was only a workshop with an area of less than 200 square meters, 8 workers and less than 20,000 Yuan capital. The workshop mainly focused on producing carbon kitchen knives. In 1988, it has thoroughly been detached from the workshop and officially transferred into "Jiangcheng Xiang Yang Household Cutting Instruments Factory" as a private enterprise. Its industrial area has been expanded into 200 square meters with 50 workers. Just in that year, it earned more than 500,000 Yuan. In 1997, the modern, mechanized "Yangjiang SHIBAZI Kitchen Ware Manufacturing Co. Ltd" was founded. From then on, the company ushered in a rapid development with more than 200 workers and over 2,500,000 Yuan that has been earned. In 2002, the company developed all-roundly and rapidly, and "Yangjiang SHIBAZI Group Co. Ltd" was finally established. It headed up 8 affiliated companies (they are: Yangjiang SHIBAZI Knives & Scissors Productions Co. Ltd, Yangjiang SHIBAZI Kitchen Ware Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Yangjiang SHIBAZI Industry & Commerce Co. Ltd, Yangjiang SHIBAZI Catering & Entertainment Co. Ltd, Yangjiang SHIBAZI Material Supplies Co. Ltd, Yangjiang SHIBAZI Precision Steel Co. Ltd, SHIBAZI Hua Xiang Vacuum Equipment Co. Ltd, Yangjiang SHIBAZI Metal Wastes Recovery Co. Ltd) and it had more than 100 sets of national, overseas and self-made mechanical equipment. Its industrial are and the area of backup equipment have been over 250,000 square meters, what's more, it had more than 1600 workers and its sales has been above 200 million Yuan During the development of the company, it has gone through 5 revolutions of technical innovations, which has laid the leading place for Yangjiang SHIBAZI Group Co. Ltd as the center of kitchen knives in China. The first technical innovation in 1993 has for the first time had the traditional welding cutting tools improve into those with knife-bodies and handles jointed together, which introduced the first revolution of cutting instruments in China. The second technical revolution was in 1995. Referring to the characteristics of the cutting instruments in Japan and Germany, the company has developed many kinds of Japanese-style functional kitchen knives with creative appearances that corresponded with the actual needs of Chinese people, which has led the cutting instruments market from unitary produces to synthesis market with various kinds. The third revolution was the development and promotion of complete set knives. Being benefit from the experience of the foreign countries, the company designed and approved series of complete set knives with clear appearances which involved the Humanity Idea and Chinese characteristics. The fourth revolution first brought the army materials and the internationally popular materials---stainless steel, compound steel, into civil use. The fifth revolution was to establish precision steel factory, which aimed at the global cutting instruments market. And this revolution first introduced the model of making knives as "steel-making, knife-making, and the techniques". Through the managerial ways of the co-operations of industry and commerce, and economic complementation, the company developed by leaps and bounds, and it has been approved by the department concerned and received favorable consideration from the public. As the main produces of the company, the "SHIBAZI ZUO" series have been awarded as "China Famous Trademark", "National Inspection-free product", "China Famous Export Brand", "China Top Ten Famous Knives and Scissors Brand", "Famous Trademark in Guangdong Province". The company was approved by Daily Hardware Technology Exploitation Center of State Science and Technology Commission as the "China Kitchen Knives Center", the "National Key Advanced Technology Enterprise" by the National Scientific and Technological Committee; the "National Demonstration Place for Industrial Tourism" by the National Tourism Bureau; "Civilized Unit" and "Excellent High and New Advanced Technological Enterprise in Guangdong Province" by Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government; "Hardware Knives and Scissors technology Research and Development Center" by Guangdong Committee of Science and Technology together with Guangdong Committee of Economy and Commerce and Planning Committee; awarded by Guangdong Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce as "The Faithful Enterprise that Values Contracts for 13 Years Successively in Guangdong"; "Enforcement Enterprise in Ten Projects through Science and Technology" and "The Key Industrial Enterprise to Be Developed" in Yangjiang City; It is awarded "Guangdong Top-ten Faithful Civil Enterprise" in 2006 as well as other 300 or some prizes and honorific titles. Conforming to globalization and the market demands, the company needs to reform continuously and make full use of the social resources in order to promote the value of the brand. And it also needs to go from strength to strength and try to keep abreast of the times to become an international brand. Brief Introduction to Yangjiang SHIBAZI Kitchen Ware Manufacturing Co. Ltd Yangjiang SHIBAZI Kitchen Ware Manufacturing Co. Ltd is subordinated to Yangjiang SHIBAZI Group Co. Ltd, which is responsible for import and export businesses and expanding oversea markets. It mainly deals with hardware cutting instruments, kitchen utensils, scissors, and other articles of daily use. Its products and clients are dotted all over the world and its annual exports have reached over 13 million US dollars. Doing business honestly is what we stick to from the beginning until now, and our copany has been listed as "The Key Famous Brand Enterprise to Be Developed" by the National Commerce Department. And we heartily welcome friends from all over the world to co-operate with us and make a better future together.

Company Profile


Business Type:Trading Company

Main Products:knife set,knife,scissors,opener

Main Markets:Western Europe,NEastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Mid East,Africa,Oceania,Others

Employees Total:501 - 1000 People

Business Industry:Measurement & Analysis Instruments

Established Year:1983

Annual revenue:10,000,000 - 50,000,000